Abiodun Folawiyo

- Abiodun Folawiyo, ShoeSpeed Interglobal

I had been into the shoemaking business for 15 years before I came across BET. I started making shoes as an undergraduate in the university, my first year to be precise. I was trying to run a documentary for an organisation about what I do and I wasn’t getting the right shot for the video, I met with the person I was meant to submit my video to and he showed a sample of what his wife had submitted as an application for BET, I didn’t know what BET was then but when I watched the video, I not only understood what he wanted us to do but it was a clue that I should register for the program too. The BET experience was mind-blowing, it was educative, it was real. The respect and perception of my clients suddenly changed especially when they heard I was being trained at EDC by Diamond Bank. The things I learnt made a 100% impact on me and my business, difference in sales before and after BET is a 100% over. I’ll encourage more entrepreneurs to join this wonderful program and I say a big thank you to Diamond Bank for this opportunity.

"The Things I learnt at BET made a 100% impact on my shoe making business"

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