Ubong Odinefiong

- Ubong Odinefiong, Creative Director, Direction Apparel

Diamond Bank BET is something that still looks like a dream to me. Before the program, I was running my leather shoe business from my parent’s compound with just a stitching machine and one production person; we were producing an average of 4 shoes per week. I joined BET and it exposed me to the real way a successful business should be run. The seed capital from Diamond Bank greatly improved my business; I added 6 extra machines to my business and employed 5 more people. We increased production to about 50 pairs of foot wears per week and 200-350 shoes every month. The great thing is that you don’t need to know anyone before being selected into the BET program

"I joined BET and my production rose from 16 pairs of shoes per month to 350 pairs monthly"

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